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Mona Lisa (or La Gioconda)

Leonardo Da Vinci

Mona Lisa (or La Gioconda) - Leonardo Da Vinci -

Title:Mona Lisa (or La Gioconda)
Painted by:Leonardo Da Vinci
Location:Musée Du Louvre, Paris, France
Dimensions:20.87 inch wide x 30.32 inch high

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i think its awesome
i love you
Posted by Angel Premo on 15.July 2009, 08:08

What was his real reason for makeing the creation (the monia lisa) What was the reason for that name
wat was
Posted by ashley on 11.September 2009, 14:42

This is a great paining, just a litle creepy

Posted by hdfg on 22.November 2009, 19:24

Its great Painting ,I like it very much. love Rashmi
Posted by RASHMI BHALLA on 3.April 2012, 13:17

So Awesome
Posted by Zaynlover on 8.June 2012, 12:33

its so beautiful

Posted by charlie jun gubal on 23.July 2012, 22:51

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Mona-Lisa-(La-Gioconda)-c.-1503-05 - Leonardo Da Vinci - www.leonardoda-vinci.orgMona-Lisa-[detail--3]-(or-La-Gioconda) - Leonardo Da Vinci -