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Leonardo Da Vinci

Automobile - Leonardo Da Vinci -

Painted by:Leonardo Da Vinci

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LOL he invented the car. I would find it hard to muster surprise if I suddenly found out that he invented television, blu-ray and video games...
leo's car
Posted by Lachy on 2.June 2012, 23:11

The place of Leonardo in history as an artist and even as a scientist is well known. Many of his inventions, such as the helicopter, were only on paper, however. His actual achievements and contributions to the technology of his time are less well known and somewhat problematical. On the one hand, it is said that none of his ideas were practical, while on the other, it is said that his improvements in canal locks have been imitated ever since.
Posted by Davinci on 22.June 2012, 22:39

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