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The Last Supper 1498

Leonardo Da Vinci

The Last Supper 1498 - Leonardo Da Vinci -

Title:The Last Supper 1498
Painted by:Leonardo Da Vinci
Dimensions:346.46 inch wide x 181.10 inch high

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i like this painting

Posted by anonamouse on 9.January 2009, 10:41

wonderful painting i love it!
Posted by anna on 4.May 2009, 11:12

wonderful painting i love it!
Posted by anna on 4.May 2009, 11:12

A trully exciting peice of art by a master.
Posted by Rich Anderson on 11.September 2009, 03:05

The painting is amazing

Posted by Apple on 17.September 2009, 17:36

does the person at Jesus rite hand look like a woman? I think it does.

Posted by Kris on 20.November 2009, 14:25

I realy liked the mona lisa but when I the size of the last supper I was shocked sincearly fabian felix
the last supper
Posted by fabian felix on 6.January 2010, 14:05

wwwwoooow i have never seen such beauty ever the painting is sooo wow
the last supper
Posted by olwethu on 27.January 2010, 08:30

this is one awesome painting

Posted by al on 29.January 2010, 14:36

very good

Posted by paul on 3.February 2010, 12:33

this ia one of the most touching pictures i have ever seen!!!
Posted by Jacqueline delosSantos on 8.April 2010, 12:52

Answer these questions with out looking at the pic above. Where is god located(middle). What did they drink(whine). How many cups are there in the pic. (0). And the figure next to Jesus on his right. (on the picture the left person) was his wife. If you would move the women to the left of Jesus(right of Jesus on the pic. It alines perfectly.) There is some good info about the pic. I know more if want more plz leave comment and I will answer your questions. Thank you.
Posted by Alli on 11.April 2010, 01:35

You can't really say anything about any of his works but really and truly revoloutionary. He was amazing in every aspect...
Posted by Maria on 6.May 2010, 15:25

Is the story on Da Vinci code movie tru about how this painting had been changed? that mary was actually leaning on jesus and the v shape in between them represents the chalis??
Da Vinci Code story.
Posted by Stacey Pakau on 26.May 2010, 00:02

im studying about leonardo da vinci and i absolutely love this piece of his!!!

Posted by nick vittavo on 23.June 2010, 17:05

leonardo da vinci.. i just love it i just look at this painting and give mor respect i want to ask if the dvinci code is true!! cuse i realy believe his story!!

Posted by Ghada on 24.October 2010, 06:35

there are four groups of three men each group is a triangle four triangles is a pyramid jesus in the middle is the all seeing eye.
last supper da vinci
Posted by stephen bogosian on 21.February 2011, 18:38

Awesomeness on which one could not describe

Posted by Chace Bannister on 4.May 2011, 08:57

Yes, the women at the right hand side is Mary Magdalene, she is also the one he told the morning he rose from the dead, he trusted her so much that's why she sitting on his right hand side.
women @ right
Posted by Dia a on 7.August 2011, 20:19

To answer someone's question below, that "woman" is John the Beloved, who would have been more youthful than the others. In art history you always find "youthful" men depicted with more feminine qualities.
Posted by Marie on 3.October 2011, 09:43


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