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Crossbow Machine

Leonardo Da Vinci

Crossbow Machine - Leonardo Da Vinci -

Title:Crossbow Machine
Painted by:Leonardo Da Vinci

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excellent, this is truly what ive been looking for

Posted by Jekketralle on 27.November 2008, 08:01

How does this divice work?
the machine
Posted by Christoffer on 14.December 2009, 15:21

This is definately what i needed. Thanks!

Posted by Cherie on 10.May 2010, 22:43

how do you explain this kind of technological know-how vis a vis contemporary scientific achievements-who was superior?leornado da vinci or us..?

Posted by wonderful on 16.February 2012, 09:37

This guy was to say the least, way ahead of his time.. Amazing what the human brain can do.. IF it was a human brain.. Just looked at the HIstory channel and UFO!s could have played a part in his genius... We are not ALONE!!!!!!
crossbow machine
Posted by ted wooten on 31.July 2012, 23:01

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